Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rock Climbing and Weight Loss

After I started working, I gained 15 pounds very quickly from eating out a lot, so one of the reasons I started rock climbing was to lose weight. I weigh myself almost daily and in the morning, because I think we're lightest in mornings, but after one and half years of climbing my weight has actually not changed at all. I thought going from no exercise to some exercise would make a difference but it only stopped the weight gain. I'm hoping some of that fat was replaced with muscle though. I admit I still eat out a lot, which is probably why I'm not losing any weight so it's true that diet plays a huge part in weight loss.

At the gym, I see people of all sizes climb. Even some of the regulars are on the heftier side, so it makes me wonder if rock climbing is good for weight loss. But then there's always those climbers that are super ripped. I bet they supplement climbing with other exercises, which is something I don't do. I know running is a good way to increase recovery and also aids in weight loss, but I find it monotonous. If I ever get serious about losing weight, my best bet is to eat better but for now, I'm content with just maintaining weight.

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